BAY15d Anchor & Stern, & Running
This is the highest output LED tower cluster available for marine use. It uses 18 surface mount (SMD) LEDs arrayed in 6 planes for 360° visibility. Proprietary PWM Constant-Current chipset results in high performance across the entire 10-30VDC range. Choose the cool white model for masthead (anchor light) and stern lamp applications. Choose the full spectrum warm white model for red, green, or tri-color running lights. Both versions fit in fixtures that use a BAY15d bulb (double contact, offset pins).
Festoon Navigation, Anchor & Stern
These high output LED festoon style LED bulbs easily exceed the brightness level of the 10W incandescent bulbs they replace. Each model features panels on five different planes, each containing 6 SMD LEDs for a total of 30 LEDs, delivering effective illumination beyond 3 nautical miles.