LumaFLEX Premium LED Cove Lighting
LumaFLEX is a next generation LED Rope Light product with lighting effects only previously achieved with side-emitting fiber-optic products. Extremely flexible and simple to install, its unique "continuous" lighting effect minimizes the shadows and dots associated with basic rope lighting products. No drivers required, just "plug & play" components. Sold by the meter (3.28'). Power cord, connector, end cap, and mounting track all sold separately.
LED Rope Light
For the ultimate in bulb life with miniscule amp draw, Imtra offers 3/8" (10.2mm) LED rope lighting in 12VDC, 24VDC, and 120VAC. Available in warm white, cool white, red and blue.
Flexible LED Strip Tape
Extremely low profile, flexible LED strip encased in clear epoxy. Mounts with 3M double-sided tape (included). Available in lengths of 4' or 8' and in full reels of 16'. 12VDC or 24VDC. Color options: warm white, cool white and blue.
Incandescent Rope Light
We offer 3/8" (10.2mm) incandescent rope lighting in 12VDC (clear & blue only), 24VDC (red & blue only), and 120VAC (red & blue only).