Flush Mount Interior Lamp

Ultra durable and ultra powerful white LED lighting for ‘low profile’ flush mounting into a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

CargoLED® LED lamps offer ultra durable lighting for heavy duty interior and exterior applications including storage lockers, exposed surfaces and wet areas.

Completely sealed and highly resistant to vibration, saltwater and impact, With a current draw of only 6W, CargoLED® LED lamps provide impressive light output and energy efficiency.

MultivoltTM technology provides consistent illumination and circuit protection from 9-31V DC, even under severe voltage fluctuations.

The new lamps are built with a unique ‘non-glaring’ LED installation. This provides ultra efficient LED light without risking eye damage if the lamps are viewed directly.

CargoLED® lamp reliability is second to none. Each lamp is completely waterproof, impact resistant and shock resistant, ensuring an ultra long service life. The new lamps operate across a wide range of temperatures from -40 to +60 degrees.

CargoLED® LED lamps are the answer for low profile, ultra reliable and energy efficient lighting on powerboats and yachts.

Flush Mount Interior Lamp
Part Number:
2JB 343 227-001
USA: 343 227-001
AUS: 2604
NZ: 2604


Material Description
UV resistant, enhanced impact acrylic lens. Anodized aluminium lamp base

Pre-wired with 300mm of twin core cable

Recess mount

Light Source
4 LEDs

Operating Voltage
MultivoltTM 9-31V DC

Power Consumption

Degree of Protection
IP 6K 9K