2 NM Stern Lamp Series: 2010 3

BSH approved navigation lamp. Anti-magnetic and saltwater proof. Housing 'snaps' to base without screws. A hanging bulb and contacts in the upper area of each lamp prevents corrosion of the contacts.
Black Housing
Part Number:
2LT 002 984-321
USA: 002 984-325
AUS: 2851
NZ: 2851

White Housing
Part Number:
2LT 002 984-371
USA: 002 984-375
AUS: 2851W
NZ: 2851W


Material Description

Shock proof, sturdy plastic light housing and base plate, UV resistant


12V / 10W resp. 25 W, socket BAY 15d included


Combined screw flatp lug connection 6.3 mm

Protective System

According to IP 55 (DIN 40050)


Direct attachment, with bolts or self-tapping screws, 5 mm. With universal mount 8HG 122 452-001 to all attachment surfaces, with rail mount 
8HG 003 141-001
or attachment base
8HG 005 798-001/011

Minimum visible Distance

2 NM

Cable Entry

through base plate with cable grommet