2 NM All Round / Anchor Lamp

The Hella Marine 'Easy Fit' system allows simple removal of the lamps without tools and without having to remove the cable. The cap is sealed to protect the contacts from moisture.
All Round Anchor - Black Housing
Part Number:
2LT 002 984-801
USA: 002 984-801

All Round Anchor - White Housing
Part Number:
2LT 002 984-811
USA: 002 984-811


Material Description

EASY FIT, made of impact resistant, plastic material with stable shape, UV-resistant and colour-fast


Leads can be connected directly to terminal strip in mount

Protective System

IP 55 (DIN 40050)


Mount for fastening to mast with 3 screws. Lamp is simple to attach and remove without tools

Minimum visible Distance

2 NM

Cable Entry

Into mount through grommet